What Frank Did!

Faithful readers will recall that the pots that these birds sat on had ‘issues’ so I had one of my better ideas and asked Frank to put his considerable wood turning skills to work. He did a superb job and we are both excited to see if we can push this collaboration further. He used cedar and walnut and myrtle and curly maple. They are fantastic!
Frank has a beautiful eye for from and I knew that he wouldn’t try to do too much. Most of his work has very classic, understated lines.
I’ve noticed that the summer is always slower for the blogging community, but I hope that all these folks taking the summer off do come back. Perhaps it’s an overdose of social media? I have my email account, a website and a blog, but I’ve drawn the line there. I can see how one could be fed up keeping track of twitter and facebook ad nauseum. I’m going to miss those Kline girls!

15 Responses to “What Frank Did!”

  1. Anna

    Really nice, well more than really nice! Frank does terrific work and the combination is magical.

  2. FetishGhost

    The collaboration between the two of you worked out beautifully! I had seen thrown bodies and turned lids, but I hadn’t given much thought to flipping the two and going to town. Brilliant!

    And yes, I miss everyone too. The blog rolls are s-l-o-w-i-n-g down.

  3. Scott Garrett

    I love them Dan. The combination is beautiful. Frank certainly does know how to do the less-is-more thing.
    I’m missing the blog action too, it’s been so helpful for me just starting out doing the ‘clay thing'( a bit late in life, but better late than never!). They’re denying me my education!!!
    Always great to see your great work and have loved the whole bird adventure.

  4. cookingwithgas

    is there any thing left to say but maybe just yea,baby!
    That is spot on!

    Summer =garden and other things and maybe an over heated brain…..just less to say as the heat takes over.
    Then there is that endless sunshine that begs a walk after dinner….

  5. doug Fitch

    Those are stunning Dan, really beautiful. I’ve been guilty of not blogging in nearly a month – terrible – I still have to write about our adventures in Virginia – trouble is I’m working day and night to make up for having had nearly a month out of the workshop playing with you and my other chums across the pond, but I’l be back soon. I love these pieces. Any thoughts on coming over in the summer? The offer is still on to come here in August if you fancy it?

  6. Hannah

    Hey Dan,
    They are once again the business. I’m glad they weren’t finished when we were there else I’d be bankrupt by now and my bags certainly would be over weight on the way home.
    Speak soon.


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