Weekend Update

Next up for my ‘comfort station’ project is roofing and a door. I was trying to puzzle out why I’m feeling compelled to build this (aside from the obvious reasons…) at this time. Today’s theory has to do with results. After a rough firing, when pots that I had high hopes for have not met expectations, it is satisfying to make something that I don’t have to subject to the vagaries of kilns and firing. “plant a radish, get a radish, never any doubt.” (lyrics from The Fantastics). I plan to build a ladder up the back so that I can access the roof. All kinds of wildlife passes by when your up off the ground.

We have been putting together an ‘Empty Bowls’ fundraiser for a number of years and last night we had dinner with some of the other potters and coordinators as we plan for this winter’s event. It has become a wildly popular social event in town and a lot of cash is raised for a very good cause. Dinner was at Poppy Hill, a very good downtown restaurant. (pumpkin ravioli)

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  1. Hollis Engley

    I like the idea of the ladder. I don’t know why, though …
    And are you accepting out-of-state donations for Empty Bowls? I sent a couple to a journalism friend in Boise for the Idaho Empty Bowls and I liked the idea of participating from afar.


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