Weekend Update III

I’ve had a great couple of days in the studio; the weather today was exquisite. This is a robust vase that I’m pleased with. Thankfully the mice have left it alone.

I haven’t made banks for coins in a long time…perhaps inspired by our economic woes!?

A couple of little oval vases with different handle placements and a few of the cruets finished yesterday.

Now I’ve got teapot parts everywhere…

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  1. Charles The Potter

    Hey Dan, those banks you make seem to be based on 13-15th century moneyboxes, I made a few reproduction ones for some medieval recreationists. They wanted authenticity in design so I did not include a cork-hole, or a wide money slot. On the ones I looked at from the Ashmolean museum the money slots were just a slash with a knife. They were pleased, but upset about not being able to get the money back out easily.

    My question is, in this modern design did you include a cork-hole on the bottom, or are they expected to shake it out the money slot?


  2. Dan Finnegan

    I have been hard at it, Hollis, but I NEVER miss my sleep…8 1/2 hours a night!
    The banks are more modern than you guessed, charles. I trimmed a recessed hole in the bottom, fitted for a rubber stopper.
    The banks that you describe remind me of the ones I was sort of copying, made in the Shenandoah Valley in the 19th c., right down to the ‘slash’.


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