Virginia Tourism Corporation Vase/pt.1

Last week 18 folks from Richmond visited Fredericksburg to spend a little time getting to know our town so that they can spread the word about what a gem we have here. They visited LibertyTown for a short tour on Friday and then I threw a couple of pots for them. I was shamelessly plugging my blog when Karen Hedelt from the Visitor’s Center suggested that I follow this pot’s journey from start to finish. I thought I’d give it a try.
Today I pulled a couple of lugs, attached them to the sides and pulled a couple of handles.

Fish seemed an appropriate theme for a pot that connects Richmond and Fredericksburg from the James River and the Rappahannock River via the Chesapeake Bay.
This shallow raised decoration is called a sprig and is made from a stamp that I carved. The other stamp is used to mark all my pots. I’ll apply glaze and slips tomorrow if it’s dry enough.

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  1. casey

    Thank you, Dan for hosting us at LibertyTown! What a fantastic place! I’m anxious to come back before the holidays.


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