Too Many Photos…

…but then, nobody’s making you look…

I had just a couple of hours with the pots this evening after wrapping up a very easy going workshop at LibertyTown. It is good to challenge these eager learners and everybody learned something, I hope. Even if it was as simple as pulling your handles with the right hand…(ahem)
Upon second glance I’m still happy with most of the results from firing #6. I’ll give ’em a real going over in the next couple of days. I need to set aside pots for two shows. I’m going back to England in June and Toff and I will do a two man show at his place in Conderton. In August I’m doing a show with Michael Kline at the Washington Street Gallery in Lewisburg, WV. I hope to fire again before I leave, but I’m never entirely in control of my schedule. So I’ll save some nice pots just in case I don’t get it done. I’m still not adjusted to firing such a big kiln. I can’t be my usual last-minute self.

So, here are some quick photos I took today. They’re too shiny.

These teabowls belong to Hollis Engley. He always gets nice pots from my kiln!

I’m guessing that 10% of the work is seconds, none so dramatic as this one below. We were reveling in the pots as they sat in their places, when that glorious and dreaded t-h-w-a-a-k sounded from this lidded jar! It was right on the bagwall and well reduced. It tore itself to bits throughout the evening. Who needs fireworks?

These last two are little bud vases that remind me of the crystalline sandblasted glazes of John Tilton. John hasn’t blogged in a while. He’s probably making pots instead.

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  1. Anna

    Thanks for a great workshop and so glad to have been allowed (!) to visit your studio. You have an awsome set up. No wonder that is where you’d rather be! Beautiful pots. Congratulations!!!

  2. jimgottuso

    beautiful!… that 5th jug down is dreamy. and those two bud vase are very cool. what a heartbreaker that big cracked piece is.


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