Things I’ve Built Series: Studio #3

This is the kiln shed I built with Shannon Elder back in the ’80’s on Claradan Farm. I love stone and wood. We collected the stone from all over…mostly along the edges of farm fields, poking through the underbrush with sticks. We called it divining for rock.

Detail: This bit is made of granite cobblestones from the streets of Fredericksburg. They were probably ballast from English ships. I brought the red sandstone back from a trip out west.

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  1. Michael Kline

    Wow Dan, you are quite the builder! This is probably the most beautiful kiln shed EVER! I am horrified in hindsite what you must have thought when you came to pay your respects to my kiln “shanty”. Get on down any time if you have a jones for for building. There’s much still to do. (or redo!)


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