The Winds of Change…

Sad to say that our little spring break is over and winter is returning with a bang, not a whimper. 24 hours of big wind that sometimes herald the collision of two fronts. Canadian frost versus the heat of the Gulf of Mexico. Michael Kline reports the same weather in the mountains of North Carolina. I kind of like it, tucked away in my cozy studio. It was a day of quiet work…handles and sprigs the whole time. These are the lidded jars I was fighting with the other day. I knew I’d like them better when I got handles on them.

Finishing up the bottles.

Here are the two sprigs/small stamps that I like at the moment. Beth’s biscuit firing some new ones as we speak.

I’ve seen old Korean bowls with a fish stamped in the bottom…

5 Responses to “The Winds of Change…”

  1. Hollis Engley

    Those big winds reached here tonight, after a quiet and slightly warm day. I can hear the wind out there right now, shaking the maples.
    Nice stamps, Daniel.
    And check Paul Jessop’s blog. Yesterday he had a neighborhood thatching project on it. I emailed our friend Chris Bromfield, who you met last summer. Chris knows the thatching crew and actually had worked himself on that very house.

  2. Brian

    Love the bottle with the faces!
    I liked the shape as you were working on it. Now it’s reminding me a bit of the Borg-Warner trophy with the texture and faces.


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