The Last Freebie

Somehow I had one more photo left in my 1GB of free Picasa storage so here’s a little view of another glorious spring day in the Old Dominion! We unloaded the kiln today and it was full of excellent work.

I made lots of changes, both to the kiln itself and to how I fired it, and there is still much to digest, but I feel really good about the results. There are, of course, many questions and maybe I’ll find a few answers as I take a further look at them as the week goes by.
I do plan to ‘pay the (google) man’ for more photo space; it looks like it’s $2.99/month and there is a short delay before it’s available. I’ll show you lots o’ pots then. In the meanwhile, allow me to tell my right-hand man, Jason, who missed the unloading (he’s out west for a much deserved holiday) that all is well and you got a bunch of sweet pots waiting…and some shelves to grind!

12 Responses to “The Last Freebie”

  1. gz

    shelves to grind….must have been an enthusiastic firing! Looking forward to seeing the pots

  2. Ron

    Great to hear you are going to continue with the blog. I look forward to seeing the pots from the kiln!!

  3. Hannah

    Glad it was a good ‘un. Looking forward to the pictures.
    Poor Jason, you think he’ll enjoy his holiday knowing he’s to come back to grind shelves?

  4. Pat Finnegan

    With 246 followers, surely we can raise enough money to keep the blog going! I will send my check for $2.99 to pay for May…who’s with me?!?


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