The Copper Shop…and a Tribute

When I was a kid and everyone had to choose their favorite Beatle I was firmly in George Harrison’s camp. As I grew older and more rebellious my loyalties shifted to John Lennon. His shooting and death really knocked me back 30 years ago. 
I visited My old friend Allen Green yesterday to drop off a pot I’d made for him. Allen and his dad, the Codger, have made beautiful copper lighting since the 1970’s and, back in the days when I first came to Fredericksburg, they made weather vanes as well. The Codger passed away a couple of years ago and Allen still carries on their work today.
We joke these days about being the senior members of the craft community here in Fredericksburg…he being a bit longer in the tooth than I makes him our fearless leader and me #2. The shop is in a great old red brick commercial building and it is a true emporium of artifacts, tools and Fredericksburgiana!
The workshop is a bit lost amidst the stuff, but it’s in there.
You can see a version of their lamp in the middle of this photo.
Allen himself.
The guitar is a weathervane and Dylan is, well, Dylan.

6 Responses to “The Copper Shop…and a Tribute”


    Great post, really loved the photos its nice to see this family business continuing. All too often I meet crafters whose sons and daughters just aren’t interested in what they’re doing.

  2. John Bauman

    What a wonderful post!

    The guitar weathervane is freakishly coincidental…I started a story a few years ago with a vingette about making just such a piece. I’m can’t believe my eyes to actually be seeing it.

    The “story” got too “Tom Clancy” in its worthless detail (I can’t read Clancy novels — they read like a parts catalogue)…and it went less than nowhere. So I posted it and then un-published it.

  3. Linda Starr

    What a great workshop; great the tradition is continuing. I’ve always loved seeing the weathervanes with their patinas on rooftops. Lennon, Dillon, some great memories for me.


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