Tests and Tiles

I’m using two slips these days, one with 6-tile(a N.C. kaolin) as it’s base and one with a French kaolin. I like them both, one being thicker and paler, the other a thinner, orangier skin. But I need to use a different clay for each because of problems with fit. I hate wasting tests on tiles that I can’t make use of, so for years I’ve been making these 2′ – 3″ tiles. I have hundreds (if not thousands) of them and there are several ‘installations’ scattered around LibertyTown. I also showed you the hearth extension in front of my fireplace which is tiled with them a couple of months ago. They also are installed in Paul and Emily’s shower. Jason and Lisa’s, too. One day I’ll figure out a more serious project. It’s the great joy and the great dilemma of being a maker…w-a-a–y too many ideas and projects…not nearly enough time. And sometimes it just takes years to find the right place for an idea to blossom.
Lots of entries in the  Birthday Contest! Keep ’em coming in. The judges are impressed with those of you who have cracked the code.

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  1. Christine H S

    Hello Dan – Thank you for the ever so rich and glowing mug which Secret Santa brought my way! Honoured and treasured it will be, as well as fondled and cradled, full of hot chocolate and such warm delights!s


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