Teapots and Cinema Verite’

There’s one detail missing from each of these…first person to guess wins a prize!
We’ve set a date for an April firing…#12 in a series… and now I’ve got to put my head down and get some serious mud slinging going. I’ll be teaching a one day ‘American’ tea party (you know what I mean…!) workshop at Hannah’s this June, so I thought I’d better make a few to take along. I’ve also got small milk jugs, 4 nice lidded casseroles and oval baking dishes in progress. Big fun!

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  1. Loren Scherbak

    Do you put tabs on the inside of the lids to keep them from falling out when you pour? You don’t need them as your lids are set in deep, but I thought I’d guess. I think tea is the answer, but cookingwithgas answered that first. Great teapots!


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