Teapot Lids

I think my photos yesterday might have been a bit deceptive…I got several questions so here’s my attempt at an answer. Below is a before and after photo from the side. It is a very shallow bowl with a big flange and a little ‘spout’ which prevents the lid from falling when the tea is being poured. When it is leather hard I invert it (as seen here), trim it and then add a thrown knob…it is a much softer look than would result from a carved knob. I’m hoping that the curve of the lid carries the same line that the curve of the body has.

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  1. ang

    hey dan, i was just chatting with doug fitch he mentioned your teapots, so i had to come have a look..cool….

  2. Jenny Pease


    Lovely pictures of your pots. Good luck with your firing.

    We really loved seeing you, Hollis and Lorraine. Hope LT show is a huge success.

    xoxoxo, your #1 fan.



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