Still Waiting

I’m heading out to the studio to unload the kiln this morning. The firings have become much more manageable and less stressful as I’ve come to know the character of this machine. I started making pots and birds for this firing in June.  That’s a big chunk of time, effort and (hopefully) creative energy tucked inside. My little peek in yesterday looks promising…!
Jason and I have been making tiles and we loaded a bunch along the bagwall to take the brunt of the ash and salt. Should be luscious.
I have great friends who help me out during this marathon…months of making…a week of loading…24 hours of fire. I’m forever grateful for all the support that I get, and I’m here to tell you that I get wonderful support from my friends and community. Jason, Michael and Beth (sorry Beth, no photo) are veterans of many firings now and they work their asses off, smiling all the while.
Jason Hartsoe
Michael Littlefield
A little smoke
I’ll be back tonight with a full report!