Snow-pocalypse…and my Crazy Cat

At one time last week they predicted 3′ of snow…it wasn’t quite that spectacle, but it did snow pretty steadily for 30 hours or more…and something like 18″ fell. I took a great walk with Tom O’Hara and his fireplace as my destination. I dropped off a copy of Tom Wait’s newest live vinyl release, ‘Glitter and Doom’. A touch of Irish whiskey to ward off the germs and I then headed back home to carve my LibertyTown currency. I know I’ve said it before, but I do love this winter weather!

Two of the city’s finest stuck on a little hill.

I think Miss Moneypenny heard a bird squawking about the lack of food outside and the snow is piled up at this window so high that she had to do this to see out!

12 Responses to “Snow-pocalypse…and my Crazy Cat”

  1. Anna

    So that is where our plow is….no sign of one on our side of town. Just glad our power came back on! A day spent watching bad movies, spinning and sleeping. Followed by shoveling by moon light?

  2. Hannah

    That is incredible! That’s what I call snow. Haven’t seem anything like that ever I don’t think, apart from the time I was up in the mountains in the Lake District in a white out doing a winter mountain leaderships skills course but that’s another story.
    Proper proper snow. We are forecast a bit this week I think but if we get 18mm that’ll be amazing.

  3. jimgottuso

    i have to admit after reading about deep snow winter walks, tom waits and whiskey by the fireplace… winter weather is seeming to have some potential

  4. Kim Hines

    Tom Waits is the best! can’t belive all that snow, we moved from the Norfolk area to Montana 2+ years ago. i can’t believe there’s now more snow on the ground in VA than here in MT!!


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