Small Faces

Some details from the exhibition.

This next one really cracks me up. I love that the potter that applied this sprig had his/her thumb slip and ‘erase’ the top of the face. Better yet, they left it as it was and passed it on to be fired. It suggests a certain casualness to the process

Sorry this is blurry, all of these were taken through glass. Some of the Bartmanns were refined, some simpler like this one. Most of the master molds were carved by professional carvers.

These handles have something going on…

5 Responses to “Small Faces”

  1. Anna

    So were these faces made as a whole and applied all at once? I always assumed (wrongly I think!) that they were just built in place….You know I like faces.

  2. Aaron Sober

    Just came across these in a tiny shop on the coast here. Owner said they were made to make fun of a king, i think? Do you know the story? Beautiful either way. Amazing when these things come through time totally intact.


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