Shannon Whitworth – Great Live Music!

If you are within the sound of this Blog you should seriously consider joining us this Saturday at LibertyTown for Shannon Whitworth and her band. Shannon played here several times as a founding member of the Biscuit Burners and now fronts her own band playing ‘Americana” music. She plays the banjo and every other instrument that comes with strings and if that wasn’t enough, she has a glorious smoky, sultry, mountain voice! And she writes….and she’s a lovely soul…and best of all, she’s a fine potter, although I doubt that she gets much time for clay these days. Come join us…I’ll give you my money back guarantee that you’ll love her!!!

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  1. Incognito

    Bought my tickets last week; very excited to hear Shannon with a new band. She really stood out as a member of the Biscuit Burners; it will be great to hear more of her on Saturday!


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