Searching for Momentum

Tile makingWith a good size kiln to fill. my making cycle is a long one and I seem to  creep up on the next  one somewhat stealthily. I was on the road for most of 3 weeks and it was weeks before that when i made the last pot for the last firing (#16). I tend to concentrate on projects that make life in the studio easier or make the place more beautiful before I open that first box of clay. Once that happens, obsession kicks in and all other things fade away as making and then finishing the next pot is all that matters. It’s good to know myself in this way in order to outwit myself. But today I made the first foray back to the mud, making some bag wall tiles from reclaim clay. Pottery making madness will soon ensue.

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  1. Dennis Allen

    Pretty well describes the creative process. Put it off, clean it up, dive in headfirst.


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