Ron’s Answer (and Oval Pots)

Ron asked about coin banks and the existential question “to put in a stopper or not?”. I would rather not do it myself, but experience shows that the consumer prefers easy access to their cash. A lot of old timey banks didn’t have a stopper, and I still believe that any coin that fits in the slot will come back out. Of course, that doesn’t solve the paper money dilemma.  Most of the shapes I like to throw for banks aren’t conducive to turning a hole in the bottom, so I cut it by hand, using this plastic lid as a template for the hole. Once fired, these nifty rubber stoppers make a good seal.
I spent the day putting handles on 21 oval pots. Some are pitchers, most are vases and some will get sprigs before they’re done. I’m big on handles…most of my pots look naked to me without some sort of appendage or other. In case you don’t make pots and are reading this, these pots are thrown on the wheel without a bottom. I then reshape them and later add a slab built base. I think it is a very graceful shape.
I put this ‘tree’ together with the idea of covering it with little birds tomorrow. It makes me think of old folk pots.

5 Responses to “Ron’s Answer (and Oval Pots)”

  1. Ron

    Thanks Dan! Those are just the sort of stoppers I had in mind. Now to get some. I love the oval pitchers. The way you accentuate the area for the spout is fantastic. Great pots!

  2. Anna

    I was just yesterday throwing round cassaroles thinking I need to attempt squares and ovals again…and the tree? You know how I feel about trees!


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