1976 – Tempe, Arizona
I must say that blog awards strike me as silly at best. In fact, I’m not too big on awards of any kind…somewhere in my attic are the various ribbons etc. that anyone making art for decades accumulates. Years ago I got a best in show award at a local fair…my sweetheart at the time was over the moon with the ribbon…I myself was much more interested in the check that came with it. She got the ribbon…I got the cash!
    You might have guessed by now that I have recently been given one of these blog awards by Meredith. Normally I’d ignore it, but I really enjoyed meeting Meredith and Mark when they visited recently and out of respect for her and in the interest of general prurience, here are 7 things you may not know about me!
1) I am the oldest of 6 kids in my ‘small’ Irish family (5 boys -1 girl) and I went to catholic school until leaving for college. (8 years with the Sisters of Mercy – an ironic name at best – and 4 years with the Jesuits).
2) My first interest in the arts was theater…Tom Stoppard is still my favorite playwright after W. Shakespeare.
3) I went to college planning to be a lawyer. Instead I discovered clay.
4) I didn’t own a car until I was 25…this led to lots of hitchhiking…a trip to NYC, then on to Montreal, then Bartlesville, Oklahoma before including several cross-country trips back in the swinging ’70’s.
5) I am a huge sports fan…I played lacrosse in college and Ultimate Frisbee for close to 20 years after I moved to the ‘Burg. I think that athletics could be described as a  ‘physical’ art…the movement of the human body interacting with others across a field is a beautiful spontaneous expression. Just as I train myself to make better pots, a ball player trains himself to be ready for the challenges of the moment.
6) I did a two-month, 1,500 mile bicycle/camping trip through New York and New England in the summer of 1977 with a great friend of mine.
7)  I was a rock’n’roll roadie off and on for a couple of years, working a hundred shows or more…some of the acts included Frank Zappa, Blue Oyster Cult and Johnny Winter…also acts like Dolly Parton, Bill Cosby (the biggest hand that I ever shook!) and the Vienna Boys Choir.

10 Responses to “Revelations”

  1. cookingwithgas

    Tom? Who’s Tom?
    Slip of the finger- Mark is who I travel with.
    Thanks for playing along – it is fun to learn more about you.
    Now I am going to wonder if I ever picked you up while you were hitchhiking, I use to pick people up but quit about 1976….
    A lawyer- for the people I hope.
    A colorful past indeed.

  2. John Bauman

    Crazy. Little bit of common ground…

    I’m one of 6 too. 5 boys, 1 girl.

    I went to college to play 2 sports — I was recruited for the soccer team, walked on to the basketball team.

    Fun reading about your checkered past!

  3. jimgottuso

    hey dan, what a great list. i guess your having a beard has been a continuous thing since the younger picture was taken. i liked the ones about being a roadie and doing long bike trips. maybe again someday?… on the bike not the roadie

  4. Brenda

    Love the photo Dan! Congrats on the award, and learning you were a roadie cracks me up! Not that it’s a bad thing, just picturing the you in that photo (or a variation thereof) as a roadie! When was your venture to Britain in all of that?


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