No.6 – Porcelain Jewelry Box (early 1990’s)


I have only dabbled in porcelain a few times over the last 40 years but I have often thought it could be my clay of choice because I tend to like crisp forms and rich glazes…porcelain really accentuates glazes and, of course, it can be translucent, a quality I think of as magical. But it is fussy to work with and don’t usually have the patience, I tend to like a clay that I can push around without fear of cracking etc. And yet, when I do use porcelain, the results are pretty fantastic.

This is a small lidded pot with my amber ash glaze and a little finial-like pot on top. There’s also a little hand-sewn pillow inside. Signed on the bottom.

5″h x 4″w




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