No.3 – Persian Cup (Mid-1990’s)

This cup is quite unique. Although the foundation of my aesthetic is inspired by the Anglo/German pottery of medieval times, my curiosity for pottery knows no bounds. You can see how the black and white photo from the Persian Pottery book inspired this cup! It’s the only one I ever made and it was so cool that I submitted it for publication in “The Very Best of Pottery”. There it is on the same page as Dick Lehman. This is the first published photo of my work in a book and I wondered if the whole world would think that all of my work was like it?!

It was fired in the first wood burning kiln that I built in western Maryland. We built and fired that kiln throughout the 1990’s and this was from one of the earliest firings. I had just begun to explore the use of crackle slip and this pot really inspired me to pursue it further. If you know my work at all, you will know that I have!

It is a petite cup with crackle slip and a green celedon glaze with sprigs, wood fired.

Capacity 8 ounces

3 3/4″h x 3 1/2″ x 4″



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