No.19 – Fish Vase (2005)

In 2005 I made a couple of vases shaped like fish in 2005. For some reason I started writing a thorough description of every element of the piece on random scraps of paper. The response was amazing in my shop and I decided that I would make 100 of them…the only limited edition I’ve ever attempted. I began to number them and then something unusual happened; my customers started to order them based on specific numbers…an anniversary or the date of a beloved child’s birth…within weeks I had pre-sold almost every single one of them! And then Paul Cymrot, my friend from Riverby Books, created a wonderful book for me to inscribe with all the information I had gathered as well as the name of the purchaser and the evnt it was bought for. I surprised myself to discover that I still had two that were never selected.

This one is slipped and glazed. Numbered #81

5″h x 4″ x 3″



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