No.10 – Drum (or Rose) Bowl (early 1990’s)

This is another form that harkens back to my training at Winchcombe…Michael Cardew made a larger version of this that is famously referred to as the ‘Rose Bowl’. I assume that one would float roses in it as a centerpiece on a very grand table. I began making this form when I got back to wood firing in the 1990’s, although this one is gas fired. The horizontal walls are ideal for decorating and interacting with the flame. A more conventional bowl has all the good stuff underneath and kind of out of sight. Also, it’s a really practical pot, perfect for serving or mixing. I know, I have used this very bowl for years!

It has a cobalt slip and trailing with my amber glaze on top. Lots of movement on the surface makes this a very cool pot that’s why I kept it!

4 1/2″h x 6 1/2″



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