No.4 – Architectural Vase (mid-1990’s)

Another rare pot for several reasons. When I began to fire my pots with wood it brought about a change in my thinking about form. As wood ash travels through the chamber it tends to ‘fall out’ of the flame and land on the pots. I began to picture myself as one of those pots and tried to imagine forms that would accentuate that action. This led me to think about a more angular style with ‘ledges’ for lack of a better word or perhaps ‘steps’ where the ash could really accumulate and would contrast with the vertical walls of the pot. I also see images of the temples from cultures like Thailand and Japan.

This is thrown and altered slightly with a matt copper glaze. It’s the only time this glaze ever came out matt and I have no idea why it did. But it was definitely cool and I decided to keep it in spite of a wonderful customer from Richmond who tried to buy it for several years. I should have sold it to him! I rarely used copper and I never do now…the way I like to fire copper glazes often come out red or pink and I ruined an entire porcelain dinner service years ago by adding some copper tests to the firing… my lovely green celedon turned liver pink! I hate copper. But I love this pot!

8 1/4″h x 4 1/2″ x 4 1/2″



  1. Ann

    I love this pot and wish I’d been the receiver of it! Maybe one day you’ll come to love copper again. Fingers crossed 🥰😍

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