A-9 “Colin” Martin Brothers-style


The first birds I made were inspired by the Martin Brothers…4 potter brothers who made a remarkable variety of brilliant work around the turn of the last century near London, England. They are most famous for what came to be called “Wally Birds”, lidded jars based on a tobacco jar with realistic birds with human expressions. I’ve never been interested in making reproductions, but I love to use work from the past as a jumping off point for a new idea. I’ve made a number of different variations over the years but this piece harkens back to the very first I made. With a crackle slip and amber wood ash glaze.

11″h x 8″w.


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  1. Shawn Heller

    What can I say another one of Dan’s great birds. I am fortunate that I was able to make this purchase this year and it is worth it’s weight in gold. I love Colin because I see it has an amazing sculpture and for people who like functional things this piece of functional pottery it does just that, it can store items of choice too. The amazing vibrant yellowish glaze, the texture when I place my fingers over the wings of this piece and the beautiful use of glaze for the chest gives make this an amazing work to look at. I never knew what a Wally Bird was until Dan told me and when I looked them up online I could see where he drew his inspiration for his own creations. Non the less Dans work is one of a kind and so are his birds and I always look forward to the next time I get to see him to see what he has been up because I am always mesmerized by his works. Lastly As I have gotten to see more of Dans work I find making my selection for my yearly bird has made it increasingly difficult to make a decision while staying on a budget. Dan you did it yet again and I can’t was it to see what next fall brings.

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