No.7 – Three Legged, Three Sided Basket/Pitcher Object (late 1980’s-early 1990’s)


Sometime in the late 1980’s I was still working on a farm in Dogue,VA.,  a fork in the road kind of place with a post office and a country store called “Buddy’s Supperette”, the misspelling that seemed to suit the place. After concentrating my early efforts on improving my skills while making lots of useful pots, I began to explore ways of altering forms both on and off the wheel. First tentatively and then more boldly but staying within the broader definition of useful pottery, I tried a wide variety of approaches. Pottery making is at it’s best when it involves some element of play and this series represents that well. I had at the same time discovered the interesting surface I could create by spraying this very matt glaze randomly over slips that were brushed and trailed. In the end they became quite anthropomorphic through no fault of my own! I was just exploring with no real end vision in mind.

11 1/2″ h x 15″ x 8″



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