Autumn is my favorite season and it was made even more interesting 3 years ago when we opened the doors for the very first “Pottery on the Hill” exhibition and sale. I never did many shows myself, which makes me an unlikely organizer of an event like this, but with plenty of good advise and with the great support of the staff at the Hill Center we have built a wonderful PB033711event that brings great handmade pottery to our nation’s capital. This year’s dates are October 30 – November 1. On Thursday evening we will be presenting a “Pottery Slam” at the Art League School in Alexandria. Sam Taylor, Mark Shapiro and I will be making pots together, sharing idas and generally having a good time. Please consider joining us and supporting some of America’s best makers!

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  1. Denis


    It’s been a long time since I “discovered” an artist whose work speaks to me as yours does. I’ve been collecting Ephraim Faience Pottery for several years and still appreciate their work, but now feel it’s time to move in a different direction.

    It’s exciting to see a combination of mastery of the potter’s clay and glazing skills applied with such unique creativity… and you’re a hell of a lot closer than Wisconsin. Looking forward to seeing you at the Hill !

    Denis Grillo


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