Photo Session-Bedrock Pots

There has been a lot of good blogger info on photographing pots lately… I am still working out the kinks myself, and I hope by the time I take pictures of all the pots I like from firing # 8 that I will have figured it out. Still more glare than I’d like sometimes and I need to learn about depth of field. Still, I used to pay professionals a lot of money for poorer results than this!
I had quite a few small sculptures in this firing. I’ve been making these small stacked forms for 35 years but I’ve always resisted the obvious…of course they are figures, but why make it too easy? Now that I’ve carved all these cool stamps for the Bartmann bottles I couldn’t resist. They are maybe 8″ tall and now I want to make a whole herd of them…
I have no real explanation for these next few and the best I can do is describe them as folk art, but perhaps that sounds a little too self-conscious? I see them as models for big garden birdbaths, even though I might not get around to making the big’un.
I’ve never deciphered the marketing game for my  non-functional work. I don’t even have the clever titles I need to promote them. Any suggestions?

6 Responses to “Photo Session-Bedrock Pots”

  1. Linda Starr

    Great photography; this last time I needed someone else to hold up someting in frong of the light but alas no one was available; I think I’ll make one of those pvc light boxes or just spring for a store bought one. Love the sculptures; I like non functional work. The last two look like they could hold a candle on top are they flat?

  2. cindy shake

    BEAUTIFUL work as usual. Your forms are all so artful. One idea for the smaller “folk art” style pieces are Altars -or offering sculptures. Small candles, bird seed or a place for someone to put a small prayer or poem… I think they are lovely and seem to want to hold something dear.

  3. EmmieCollett

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  4. Melissa

    I think your photography looks pretty great! The backgrounds look totally professional and it seems like your depth of field is just right.

    I love your figures…I would love to have one standing on the sidetable next to me right now (with my DF mug). I hope you still have some left the next time we drive down to LibertyTown.

  5. John Tilton

    Hey Dan,

    A long lens will do great things with depth of field. I actually have a 180 for most of my shots, but a 135 would do almost as well. Even a 90 would be better than a 55. With the 180 you have to stand much farther away.


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