On the Road…Again

I’ve traveled more than 20,000 miles this year.
It’s been ten years or more since I’ve done a craft show. No doubt I said I’d never do another… and now, I’m all packed up and ready to leave for New York early tomorrow morning. If you find yourself in White Plains this weekend stop by the art deco civic center for the Westchester Craft Show.

7 Responses to “On the Road…Again”

  1. Hollis Engley

    Probably most of your readers will think that’s just a funny photo you picked out to illustrate the blog. I, however, know that that is really what your loaded vehicle looks like, complete with the helpers who will ride up I-95 to help out.
    Good luck with the show. You, at least, will be indoors. I’ve got an outdoor show in Wellfleet this weekend, which is predicted to be wet and windy. Fabulous …

  2. Hannah

    Have a good time on your trip, hope you sell loads. My little car will be looking similar come thursday morning as I’m off – again! too. Take care


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