On The Cusp

I’m feeling a little out of synch with my fellow bloggers…it seems like everyone is rushing to dry the last pots for a firing and I myself am slowly creeping towards the beginning of a cycle.
I’ve been wrapping up a bunch of projects so that I can start to make pots (maybe tomorrow… I’ve been saying the same thing each day since the weekend). The wrapping up always goes on longer than I think it will….the thing is, I know that once I start to throw a few pots the obsession kicks in and I don’t want to do anything else, so getting some items crossed off my list is big.
I juried the “Portraits” show at LibertyTown this week. We had more than 140 entries!!! and 77 were particularly interesting. That’s a lot of work to hang in the gallery and Beth and Elizabeth did a fantastic job. That and cutting wood and clearing up the property and giving my new booth it’s second coat of paint (I mixed a pint of matt and a pint of satin black) have been keeping the days full.
I built a temporary wood fired pizza oven on the stone wall at Paul and Emily’s last week. We’re going to build a more permanent one when we are sure if the size is right.

Toff and Georgie just shipped off the pots that I made this summer. This is a view of his latest firing…pretty heavy reduction, but it looks pretty rich to me. I tested a couple of my own slips and will be interested to see the results. Can you tell who’s are whose?

This my ‘temporary’ wood buck. It’s light and sturdy so I can move it around to the various wood piles.

Beth is standing in front of the wood rack…and my pickle bucket water retrieval system. I use these edgings in the salt chamber and bigger slabs in the wood chamber.

Here are a few of the teapots in my collection.

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  1. Incognito

    Are yours the ones on the right? Seems to follow your style more, but I don’t know. Took a sneak peek at the show yesterday and I was quite amazed, not just by the number of entries (which was substantial), but the TALENT! Wow! Beautiful work and I love the fact that I know some of the subjects in the paintings; that’s very cool. I am out of town for this opening, but I’m sure I’ll see you around soon. Party on!


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