Next Month, Next Year and some Old News

I am starting to change my mental gears as I prepare for my 30th(!) visit to Great Britain this summer. I have an exciting trip planned…I will fly into Edinburgh, Scotland and spend a couple of days there before touring in the countryside before visiting old friends. Then it’s on to new friends…Hannah and Paul will be putting up with me for a few days. I will do my best to entertain some of the members of the Scottish Potters Association and, in a twist that I find delicious, I will teach the Brits to make teapots!? I think that there might be a space or two remaining if you happen to find yourself in the west of Scotland.From Hannah’s I will drive south to the Cotswolds, my home away from home since 1978 when I first visited. Toff and Georgie Milway are incredibly kind to maintain my little Cotswold cottage for me when I’m here in the U.S. (lol) and I’m anxious to see all my friends there. I’m still figuring out my trip to Devon and Mr. Fitch (if you’re reading this, Doug, I’ll phone you this week), but I do plan to get there at some point. I’m sure that he owes me a beer!
The good news keeps on rolling…check out the listing below for next years adventure!
Kevin and I led a kiln building workshop at Penland 10 years ago and they have asked us back to do the same trick again. Check out the other lads that will be joining me! Hot stuff!
And, in case you remember that salt kiln we started months ago, I finally got a welder out to the site and we are ready to set the arch, although I have no idea when we will get to it.

10 Responses to “Next Month, Next Year and some Old News”

  1. Frank

    Sounds like quite a lovely trip.. hmm some openings you say, though all of my work is above ground I just may have to look into this clay thing… Especially as I understand it the Scots do indeed like their beer… Scotland is home to BrewDog brewery they make high tech delicacies as Tactical Nuclear Penguin and Sink the Bismarck and some kick but Ales…

  2. Christine

    Have a great trip Dan. I’m so disappointed that I will miss you at Hannah’s, ( it’s the weekend of Earth and Fire). Would love to have seen you there. Hope all goes well. Maybe you will get to Potfest? Salt kiln looks great.

  3. John Bauman

    You’re always giving me new reasons to renew my Dan Finnegan Fan Club membership. I’m always fairly bursting with admiration.

  4. angela walford

    kiln’s lookin great dan.. have a super trip..all i remember about the cotswalds is very green and loads of deer! have a drink for me with those UK buds!!!

  5. Betsy C

    Sounds like a lovely trip, lots of exciting things going on. Looking forward to reading all about it! Safe travels!


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