New York Review

I am back from the show in New York, unloaded and ready to figure out what’s next. The Westchester Craft Show was a moderate success for me… it is a very high quality show and deserves its reputation for sophisticated buyers. It is a real pleasure to be included among such accomplished makers.
There were lots of great jewelry, fiber and a very eclectic and diverse group of ceramics as well as wood and glass…. I was the only one there with mugs. There are so many things about being near NY City that are so cool…ethnic diversity being one and I love to hear all the different NY accents! My biggest sale was to a couple of women from Croatia. I asked them if there was much of a pottery tradition back home and they said ‘ No, everything comes from China’ !
I’m reasonably pleased with my new booth and will do just a little tweaking before the next one, although I don’t know when that’ll be. You can never have too much lighting is one of the lessons I’ve learned.
In addition to doing business I got to spend Friday with my adorable niece, Courtney Parks. Courtney is the only daughter of my only sister and she is a delightful person. She lives in Chelsea in NY City after finishing her degree last spring.
And Andrew Coombs came from nearby Port Chester to join us for a delicious Indian meal. Andrew was my assistant for 3 years before going on to grad school. He’s now one of the artist-in-residences at The Clay Center there, teaching and making very nice pots. He’s a good guy, illustrated by the fact that he showed up to help me both set up and break down. What a gift! It is hard work and the help and company were both excellent

These photos are pretty awful, but they’re the best I’ve got.

I tried to convince Toff this summer to put fewer pots in his display and yet I can’t resist myself. What do you do when you make so many different things and you only have a 10’x10′ world to display them?!

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  1. Hollis Engley

    yeah, well … sometimes you just have to show as many pots as you can fit in. Looks like a great display, Daniel. Now, if you can just get Courtney to be at the booth all the time, you could really sell some pots.

  2. Michael Kline

    The pots look great, a little blurry, but I can fill in the gaps.

    I found that even in my 6 x 8 foot booth I could get enough work out without overcrowding. I think it makes it easier to see the pots when there aren’t too many out.

    But I know the impulse to show it all, too well. I’m glad the show was good for you. The pots are top notch!

  3. Elizabeth Seaver

    Welcome back, Dan! Sounds like a positive experience, overall. Good to see friends and family, too.

    The various shapes and sizes of the pots show up nicely in your display. It’s fun to see work there that must be from your last firing.

    Looking forward to seeing you back at the “office.”

  4. Hannah

    Looks fab Dan, I have a show starting tomorrow. Not happy with my stand, never flipping am! Oh well but I will try to remember the less is more moto.


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