My last blog post!?

So, Blogger changed everything up (they never asked if I wanted them too) and now I am unable to upload photos…they say that my picasa site if full and I must pay for more space. I didn’t even know that I had a picasa site for my photos, let alone that there was a limit. Now they want me to pay them . Does anyone know what’s going on? Without photos, I can’t see the point of this.

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  1. Tracey Broome

    Dan, I just blogged about the same thing. Blogger said my picassa site was full. I went back through my blog for as long as I could stand it and deleted a bunch of stuff to make more room, but that soon got old. Just because you delete them from the blog they don’t delete from the picass album, so I had to go in there and delete again. Very slow and tedious process!! Then I started changing the size of my photos to 72 dpi and they don’t look as good. Picassa is only $5 for 2g I think, which isn’t bad, but I don’t want to pay for this. I’m in the same boat, trying to decide what to do. Apparently if you post photos under 800 pixels they don’t count as space. You can google this and read more. Believe me, I spent way too much time on this last week! Very frustrating!!!

  2. Larry G

    I do not like the “new” blogger format and I saw precious little notice about it.

    I did not know about the Picasa deal but I have a fair number of photos on it and have NOT received any notice.

    I guess the idea of GOOGLE not being “evil” was not a forever proposition, eh?

    geeze.. the captcha is a monster!

  3. smartcat

    Ohhhhhh Noooooo!!! Start another blog please….I think that’s what Gary does.

    Captcha is mean….but one of my words, with a little imagination sums it up ubasters1

  4. Barbara Rogers

    I’ve changed names and started new blogs to get away from this photo problem in the past. This year, when it happened, I just paid the $5 for 2G of photo space. It is a pain, definitely. And I definitely didn’t like giving required information to Google that they didn’t really need.

  5. gz

    Don’t panic!!
    Why do you think that Gary Rith is on to his “third pottery blog” ?!!
    Just start fresh with a (free) different gmail address and a new blog- and link it to the old one, put links to the old in the new…as the ad says, “simples” !!!

  6. Michael Kline

    The issue with the storage is puzzling. I have almost 1500 posts and thousands of pics in my Sawdust and Dirt albums. Most all of them were resized and resolution set to 72 dpi. As Tracey posted about last week, maybe your pics are uploaded at 300 dpi, which make a BIG difference with storage.

    As far as Google not giving us the choice in the decision to change their dashboard, I have to say that they announced the changes last year! These changes a re a speed bump on the learning curve, but I think, in the end, it makes for a more functional and pleasant interface.
    I like the new dashboard although I waited until Google/Blogger made the change (april 1) before I actually tried it.

    Back to Picassa storage. If you keep your images smaller than 2048 x 2048 pixels and videos less than 15 minutes they won’t go towards your free storage limit!

    The correct amount of storage you can buy annually for $5 is 20GB, not 2. That’s a lot of pictures.

    Lastly, don’t forget that all of this is free! You get what you pay for. There are other platforms that are available, but come at various costs. Ron uses Squarespace.

    OK, back to pots.

  7. Sherry

    Thank you for all the information on this..I would be quite sad if I couldn’t post pics or see anyones work.I think the $5 for 20gb sounds good that’s a whole lot of space. My laptop is 20GB and that’s all the programs,pics and videos. I hope noone leaves because of this. I think we should keep in mind its a free blog.

  8. Hollis Engley

    I’m sort of waiting for the same notice, Dan. Hasn’t come yet, but probably is down the road not too far. I do think it’s worth finding a way around. I think we’d all miss your blog and the blogs of all the other folks still posting. And you’re right, without photos it’s hardly worth doing.

  9. Hannah

    I think, though I may be wrong, it might have changed now but in the past you could have two or more email addresses attached to a blog and each one had a space limit so I think if you had another email address attached to it then you would be able to keep going. Maybe. Hopefully.

  10. Liberty Stoneware

    It is unfortunate that you have been notified of the space issue. I had that problem last year because I have loaded really large images for some time. I was not aware that if you loaded smaller images it would not take up or be considered space-eaters. I went ahead and did the $5 deal, but I will warn you that it is not a one-time $5, it is $5 each year. To me though, I think it is worth keeping one page with all of your information in the same place. Like changes of address when you move, it seems to take so long for people to catch up!

  11. Frank

    Picasa is the service that stores Google photos. If you do not want to start a new blog you could remove some of your old post photos. I could also help you with reducing picture sizes which in turn would allow you to post more photos..

  12. Frank

    Looking at this again. You get 1G storage for free, 20G will cost $5 annually. Your BLOG started in 2008, it has taken you just under 4 years to eat up 1G, ergo, 20G storage (at a cost of 5 bucks annually) at you current posting rate should take you out to 2088 or so 🙂


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