Murder in the Library

I’ve learned from Tony Clennell that a catchy title can draw a lot of readers, so, if you’ve made your way here, we can both thank Tony!

So, I’ve been making variations on these birds for a 4 years or so and I’ve tried to continue to find new ways to go forward.

Lately (actually it’s been a year or more) I’ve been thinking of creating dioramas…putting the birds in scenes and/or groups. This first one takes a macabre twist, inspired, I suppose by my affection for detective novels…Sherlock Holmes, John Rebus, Inspector Morse, Poirot, ad infinitum. The yellow knife is a substitute….I plan on using the plastic sword from cheesy bar drinks, the ones that often skewer a cherry in your Shirley Temple!

I was showing it off to Ellie, my brilliant 7 year old friend, and she made a suggestion that made my wish I had thought of it before her. But that doesn’t mean that I’m above stealing it, so stay tuned for the next chapter (that’s a hint). I guess the lesson there is this – “Pottery, so easy even a 7 year old can do it”!P1010826 P1010827

5 Responses to “Murder in the Library”

  1. mike

    Stomp L’oeil!
    well, that was a weak attempt at clever word play on my part.

    My apologies.

    I’ll be quiet now and wait patiently for the next installment.


  2. Susan Wyatt

    love it Dan. Am currently rereading the Wexford books–though this one reminds me of Clue (one for each room?).

  3. Darcy Kane

    When I first read your title (and I teach grammar school and yes a catchy title counts!) I thought it was going to be a circle of crows in a library due to a group of crows being known as a murder of crows. However, I love your piece!


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