The last few days have been centered around our First Friday Exhibition Opening at LibertyTown. We’re having a fundraiser this month and the support has been wonderful. I”ll write more on that later.
I did get back to the studio for a few hours today to finish this batch of mugs. I’ll throw more tomorrow. Time’s a’wastin’!

I like a strap handle on most things like a mug…mine have grown broader than at Winchcombe, but relative to many, they are somewhat understated.

I put several different ‘dust catchers’ where your thumb falls on the top of the handle. I like how this one mirrors the same shape as the handle itself.

6 Responses to “Muggage”

  1. potterboy

    I like the handles too, with their dust catchers.

    But what I like even more is the practice of putting ‘…age’ on the end of words to make a quantity or bulk of something – like kilnage – nice 🙂

    I’ll get my coat…

  2. brandon phillips

    dan-the gal from E&F asked me for more plates, so i sent her some photos. were those for you? if she doesn’t want them i’d be happy to send them to you(we could trade if you like, we’d love to have a finnegan pot!)


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