More Handmade Goodness

This has been quite the season for generous friends and Xmas continued that trend. I’ve never had a ‘secret santa’ before so I was excited to be invited by a certain red-headed blogger to join in her reindeer games this year.

This wonderful pot arrived Xmas eve and there’s no need to tell you who made it, do I?! In fact, I’m certain that I recognize it from one of Michael’s previous posts! From my seat here in front of the computer I think of Michael as the king of pottery bloggers…fearless in the face of technology, he is blazing a trail across international boundries with his charming words and images.

More importantly, he makes fabulous pots…Michael’s ability to unite form, decoration and surface in his work is masterly and I really think he’s one of the best. I’m so happy to add this pot to my collection and it was my favorite gift this year…until…

Susan Wyatt gave me this beautiful ‘charger’ made by my main man, Ray Finch! I was flabbergasted and I’m still not sure how she obtained it, but it is a classic and unlike other pots of Ray’s that I own. I’ll try to take some photos of the others I have and show you. (Ray was glazing some of these back in 1978 when I asked him for a job).
I’ve been saying ‘thanks’ a lot these days…and I mean it!
3 days until I plan to return to my studio…

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