Messrs. Kline and Philbeck in the House!

On what can only be described as a whirlwind visit, LibertyTown is most pleased to announce, for one night and one night only, the highwire deco(*) troupe of Michael Kline and Ron Philbeck, lately of the northernmost of the two Carolinas. These two seasoned professionals will amaze and astound you with their feats of magic….see Michael’s brushes leave marks you never thought possible….watch as Ron pulls the image of a rabbit out of his pot!!! 
Join us on the evening of March 14th as we talk about making pots, surface decoration, selling and promotion and blogging about pots. We three have yet to share the same airspace so I’m really looking forward to this visit! And there will be pots for sale…more details below. Don’t miss out!
Michael K.
Ron P.
M. Kline
R. Philbeck
Michael K.
Where: LibertyTown Arts Workshop
When: March 14, 2012 – from 6:30-9pm
Fee: $12.00 includes pizza and beer! 
Phone: 540-371-7255 or contact me via email…
Space is limited (not really…)
* I really hate the abbreviation for decoration…deco just sounds inelegant…sorry guys.

15 Responses to “Messrs. Kline and Philbeck in the House!”

  1. Ron

    So looking forward to it Dan! Thanks for having us. Pizza and beer too, we’ll have to put on a good show for sure!
    *how about “decorotation”? That’s a favorite of mine and I think MK too.

  2. Dennis Allen

    I wish it was a weekend. The cape is just too far right now and Fburg is too far just for a party but I’ll crack one open about 8 o’clock and wish I was there. Have a great time.

  3. Hannah

    Fab fab, beer and pizza for $12. What a bargain! Wish I could be there. Oh and I suppose it’d be good to see the pottery pair too, they’ll be good entertainment I reckon.


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