Kevin Crowe makes Seriously Big Pots!

We took a field trip yesterday to visit with Kevin Crowe and now we are feeling very inspired by this master of woodburning kilns and large scale pots. He and Linda are just about the warmest, sweetest folks you could spend a day with. I only wish we had more time. 
Three of the young residents from the Cub Creek Foundation also joined us and we had a very convivial day together, taking in their wonderful home and studio, talking pots and catching up as well as sunning ourselves on the deck over a tasty lunch.
Kiln shed
This is one of two chambers that come after the big tube in front

Inside the tube/anagama chamber
Copious amounts of tea!
The kiln is about 400 cubic feet altogether…a monster of a kiln that he fires twice a year with a great team of folks who come back every year to share the experience of a prolonged firing and they’re collective knowledge of the kiln produces fantastic surfaces.

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  1. Hannah

    Memories! That place is stunningly beautiful isn’t it. Another place it would have been good to spend more time in, makes me feel a little sad when I see pictures from there too as that was were we left your company.
    400 cubic feet, hmmmm, mine would fit in there thirteen and a third times I think!

  2. Mandi

    Dan it was wonderful having lunch and tea with you all. Glad I found your blog. I put a link on our blog….we don’t update nearly as often as you, or as we should.


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