June Update

I will be putting many of the newest birds on sale this Friday at Libertytown. If any of you readers out there are interested you should let me know…last time I sold them all in 24 hours! Beth designed this new extra large banner for the show…we’ll use it to announce each firings arrival.
My Homage to Myself
I visited Charles and Ellen  this week south of the city by about 20 minutes. They are planning on building a wood burning kiln and I thought that I could be of help. The only book they had to work from was Rhodes’s kiln  book…circa 1950’s! I do think I helped a bit. Charles has been building cool things on his property for a long time…gazebos, gardens, towers, a nymphorium(!?) and this gorgeous dovecote. It’s not something that we Americans get to see very often. I know them from my days in England. This really is a beauty, although I don’t believe that it’s ever seen a dove!
I’ve also been helping a visiting ceramic artist from Cuba who is teaching a course at the University of Mary Washington. They are having trouble firing the old Alpine gas kiln. Another relic of the ’50’s!
This is the entrance to the Arts Department at the University of Mary Washington

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  1. Incognito

    I have been swooning over the birds ever since the first one made its appearance and would absolutely love one for my collection. I will stop by tomorrow sometime to take another gander.

  2. Hannah

    Hey Dan,
    Maybe you should put some birds on your blog with their $s and sizes. I think folks would be interested enough to purchase them.


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