Join Me for a Cuppa…

A cup of tea, that is. Seriously. Anytime your in the area, I would be pleased to take a break for a cup…or two. I make these rarely, because who do you know who uses them? A word to the wise…if you are making saucers, be generous. Space is needed for a biscuit or two or more.
If you happen to be visiting after hours, I may be serving smokey scotch from a flask like this instead.

6 Responses to “Join Me for a Cuppa…”

  1. Hollis Engley

    I well remember the saucer bikkie advice, Daniel. A couple of years ago I made eight cup and saucer sets. Had I not been able to give them away, they’d still be on the shelf in my gallery. Maybe you gotta be English to know what to do with them … Lovely, though.
    And congrats on your Bills’ defeat of my Pats last Sunday. It’s been a bad week in Boston sports.

  2. Margaret Brampton

    I do enjoy a nice cup of tea first thing in the morning. The cup must have a good handle.
    I definately enjoy some whiskey, being Welsh I must say they produce a good one with a wonderful golden colour.
    Pity it’s too far to just drop in!


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