It’s Firing Season!

I’m loading the first of 3 firings on the trot. This photo shows the back half of the chamber loaded up.

I’ve never had a a sabbatical, it seems I’m always juggling the ‘make-fire-sell’ circus. But I did manage to set aside a rare chunk of time this winter to do nothing but make and make…without firing or doing shows or, to tell the truth, without doing much else other than get up every day and go to the studio. I began by making a bunch of big jars and refining some ideas about texture that I’ve kicked around in the past, then spent a couple of weeks on some bird ideas (see photo!). I also got to make some new forms that I’ve pondered on for awhile. I often stew about an idea for a long time before I dive into it…it’s a luxury that I have making pots full time.

Altogether, I’m guessing that I made 600-700 pots…I started to count them the other day, but I ran out of steam and stopped. I’m also making a big commitment to a new black n’ blue slip for the first time. Always a little scary, but it’s time for a change and these uber-thin slips should reveal the new textures at their best.

Now it’s time for alchemy…I’m going to turn this base material (clay) into gold!

(As long as people keep buying them!?)

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