Health Update

A year ago I was getting out of the local hospital after undergoing surgery for colon cancer. Although no picnic, that whole procedure went along as well as it could and I’ve been feeling fit for a long time now. Today I got a colonoscopy as a follow up and got a clean bill of health! If you are of a certain age (50+) don’t put off getting your own test! I was extraordinarily well cared for by the medical staff and some of my best friends and I got amazing support from near and far. It was overwhelming and gratifying and a source of great encouragement. Thank-you.
When I drove through the gate Tuesday I immediately spotted what turned out to be a red tailed hawk on the ground. I think it must have some kind of trouble…either visual or physical. it stayed around all day and I followed it for a while, into the woods and out. It blends into the fall colors nicely. It was beautiful and odd to get so close…it would let me get within 6 feet before walking or taking a very short flight away. We stood eyeball to eyeball for a while and I felt quite helpless. What to do but leave it be and hope that it was just stunned or out of sorts. I think it was a young one according to my bird book.
This is what I saw at first…it just caught my eye
I got really close….one eye might be cloudy?

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  1. Anna

    Woohoo! That’s fantastic news Dan. The one year marker definitely leads to some introspection….and also celebration. So glad. 🙂

  2. Incognito

    I like that you saw the hawk on the anniversary of your hospital stay. Maybe it is a message from the universe that, while a bit stunned, the bird (and you) will be just fine.

    Thankful you made it through that tough time to be playing so much in different ways with the clay.

  3. Linda Starr

    Great news, Dan. I think the hawk is a young one too. Sometimes just out of the nest they can’t fly as well till their wings become strong enough. There are raptor rescue groups who will keep them in captivity till their wings get strong enough so a predator doesn’t get them.

  4. cookingwithgas

    Dan- this is very good news.
    My brother just died of Colon cancer this past October and he was only 61.
    It has been a hard journey.
    I hope that someone who reads your post today will call and get a colon screening.
    I too think the bird was a caller- course he heard you keep flocks of birds around your kiln and in your kiln.
    Hope you and the bird continue to be well and healthy!

  5. Elizabeth Seaver

    We are so grateful that all is well with you after your scare last year. Now, onward and upward!

    I hope, too, that the hawk was just momentarily grounded. How interesting to get to watch one so closely.

  6. Tracey Broome

    Congrats on the good news!!
    We have a family of red tail hawks that have lived here for years it seems. They keep having babies and they just hang around. We love them! Nice photos you got there.

  7. Andrew Stephenson

    Hawks that are just out of the nest will hang around on the ground for a few days and they aren’t scared of humans yet. A few years ago I had a red tail hawk hang around my studio for a couple of days. It was amazing to see one so close. I fed it earth worms. I called a raptor center and they suggested to keep an eye on it and that it would fly away in a day or two. Great news on your health!

  8. Hollis Engley

    Good news on the colon check, Dan. Many people up here have been asking how you are, after we saw you in late September. Now I’ve got the news for them. Had my second colonoscopy a couple of weeks ago. Had a nice sleep, woke up to a clean report, driven home by Janet, who had a container of fresh sushi in the car for me. Hadn’t eaten in 24 hours or so. Best sushi I ever had.


    Glad to hear everything is well with you. I also think that the hawk could be a message of sorts. The message is whatever you perceive it to be. Only you know. It naturally had to come through a bird. You definitely have a connection there.


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