Hannah’s Revenge!

Sorry for the lack of photos, that’ll have to come later.
When Hannah and Doug visited us last year we heard plenty of whinging about inadequate clays. Today in her workshop she tried to foist more of that filthy red stuff on me and I did try…but I’m not up to such a radical change in just one afternoon, so she’s given me some old, stiff stoneware, just to keep me on my toes!
The workshop is tomorrow and we’re ready to go…Hannah’s got a cake in the oven and several more should arrive before we get started. Life, as ever, is rough! It is wet, windy and cold…my favorite whenever it reaches 100f back home.

8 Responses to “Hannah’s Revenge!”

  1. Betsy C

    I am sure Hannah and Doug will have good times planned! Have a wonderful time can’t wait to see the pictures. Sending well wishes across the pond … see you when you get back!!!

  2. Frank

    Glad you are keeping the fingers muddy.. You should have brought her some good ol’ Virginia red clay to play with….

  3. gz

    Glad you got to Hannah’s workshop- and sorry it wasn’t at the same time as The Pirate and myself


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