Good LibertyTown Times

There are always good things happening at LibertyTown and I’m guilty of not including as much here as I should. Last week we had a 2 day summer camp for an enthusiastic group of youngsters. They moved from one artist to another making masks, felting projects, printmaking and ‘trek’ bags. Anna, Lynette, Ariel and Elizabeth all worked hard to make it work so well. Hsi Mei also taught a Chinese Watercolor class. The work we do with kids is one of my favorite parts of LibertyTown. Next up, ‘Art Camp’ for adults this fall!

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  1. Hollis Engley

    LibertyTown is a treasure.
    I got the book on Eddie. Thank you. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, since it just came this afternoon, but looking through it it appears to be a great tribute to him.


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