Friday’s Report (on Saturday)

I’ve got just one more week of making before I begin loading the kiln for ol’ firing #8. This has not been my most productive week, but I’m certain that I have plenty of pots already made. I like to have many more than I need because it makes it easier to load if you you have choices, but at the same time I hate it when an exciting pot doesn’t make in. Such difficulties in a potter’s life!?
I don’t think that Rudi and Els read my blog, so I can show you this plate I made for their golden anniversary. Don’t any of you LibertyTowner readers spill the beans, please!
When given the chance, I usually will put a handle on anything I can. Once in a while I let one go. I’m not sure if it’s because I like to see the handles or because I like to make the handles; hopefully a bit of both.
At some point I always have a little panic about not having enough to properly fill the kiln. That moment came last weekend and I threw some bigger things to assuage my fear.

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  1. jimgottuso

    hi dan, i know what you mean, i hate having an exciting experiment and not being able to fit it in the kiln. those 3 big pots in the last pic are killers… beautimous.

  2. Elizabeth

    You have got to be one of the most prolific potters aout there Dan!! Amazing!!
    Looking forward to seeing the results of all of your amazing efforts!!!


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