Friday Night Roundup

A week of mild weather and few outside distractions allowed me to get a lot done in the studio this week. I don’t make many jugs/pitchers these days… there was a time that I made 100’s of little individual creamers. It’s a form that I don’t always get right….the round bellied one in front pleases me…the taller one on the left seems top heavy.
I threw some 3 lb. storage jars at the same time as the jugs and I can’t help but think of Doug now when I apply these vines and sprigs. I’m bound and determined to make a real tall one and cover it with thousands of bits and pieces just like the man himself.
Combing: To be horizontal or vertical, that is the question?
I made a few more combs today and thought they’d be easier to find if I highlighted the tips. Future CM tip o’ the month?!

I can’t stop with these Martin Bros. birds. This is the 4th and the biggest so far. I have an idea now for a crazy big piece using some of these elements, but I might wait until the next making cycle to do it. I’ve got a studio half full of wild and crazy things already.

More Porcelain for the People…I say ‘clam’ they said ‘calm’ others call ’em ‘oyster’. I threw more of it today and it really does throw and turn beautifully.
More lidded pots… I make them with the lid dropped in…and not. I like both styles.

And, finally I started carving these stamps years ago and then ran out of steam. I just recently finished the last few letters so I can now write F.R.E.D.E.R.I.C.K.S.B.U.R.G in tile.

7 Responses to “Friday Night Roundup”

  1. Anna

    Beth’s nearly got a large set of those tiles done today….I was glad to see a bird at the studio-and a big one at that! As for the lidded pots. I REALLY need to get down to business and practice those….

  2. John

    I like the tall pitchers where the spout comes up a bit higher – seems to take away from being top heavy. But quibbling, really. They are lovely!

  3. Incognito

    I have a nice collection of pitchers, including some antiques given to me by relatives. But, in perusing my set, I don’t see a Dan Finnegan pitcher in there. Must do something about that . . . . they ARE beautiful!

  4. jimgottuso

    i like the bird looking skyward… pretty soon you’ll have a collection of them. seems you’re getting a whole lot done, i’m envious. i like the tiles with your letter carved too. that pot of doug’s is crazy cool.

  5. ang

    love those seamless lines dan the first one i made is def. heavy at the bottom..just stunning jugs and sprigs too..


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