(four blogs in a row for friday) 1/4- Skunk in Hole!

We noticed the dogs acting odd around the post holes Ryan dug for me…I took a peek over the edge and, and it took a moment to process the fact that this very white critter was a skunk! The photo is foreshortened, as the poor guy is 3 feet deep. Luckily they won’t spray in close quarters, but still, how to get him/her out? What would you do? A rain storm was coming. Anytime we went near it just tucked its pointy nose under its belly. My solution was to build a little skunk ladder , stick it down the hole and hope for the best. I’m happy to report that all was clear when I returned this morning. Have you ever seen such a white skunk? I’m going to ask Gerry Hersh. He’s my skunk expert, going back more than 30 years.

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  1. cookingwithgas

    we had a squirrel down the chimney once and Mark took a rope-put knots in it and dropped it down.
    10 minutes later- up climbed the squirrel.
    But a skunk- glad he went on his merry way!
    Congrats on the post below- and yummy looking food down there.

  2. Patricia Griffin

    we get lots of skunks around our place, but not seen a white one. that’s interesting about them not spraying in close quarters… Unfortunately, our run-ins have always given them plenty of spraying room! We do have a skunk recipe for reducing the smell on dog hair. It involves hydrogen peroxide, Calgon, baking soda. It works, kind of… Glad your skunk vacated the hole without mishap!

  3. cindy shake

    How cute is that?! I can say cute because we don’t have them up here in Alaska ;o) Looks like he’d be good inspiration for a coiled up clay sculpture…

  4. Spirited Earth

    i’ve heard of fire in the hole ..but never skunk in the hole..very funny..
    as a young kid we had a pet skunk..minus the stinky bit..
    they are very catlike..


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