Food Show Winners!

Our 5th annual “FOOD SHOW” opened Friday night to wide acclaim.,We always open the show with an “Art made from Food” competition and the entries this year were delightful to behold…and to consume! After the judging is complete, the eating commences! Most things don’t last long. Thanks to all who entered. Start thinking of next years prize winner now!
‘Choc-fil-a’ was my entry, what else could I make? 100% edible…except for Hollis’ plate.
“Mona Lisa’ in jello…coffee, tea, etc. to make the colors
‘The Bug Juice Bar’ was the first place winner by a large number. Great work, Sharon!
Detail of the ‘Bug Juice Bar’
I couldn’t even look at this one and people were funny about eating it….chocolate cake with a twist!
Kathy H. continues to produce exquisite and delicate entries each year. All of these flowers and petals are made by hand.
The ‘White House’ suffered some structural problems as the night went on. Faulty mortar?!
‘Edible Easels’  by a group of under five year olds and their moms! (and Neal)

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  1. Anna

    So Cool! I saw the bird and knew someone had been admiring yours…then saw it IS yours! So glad you posted this, since I was wondering about the competition this year. See you in 2 weeks.


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