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150 of you gentle readers are now following this here blog! When I first began writing I told myself that I would do it for my own edification and if anyone were to read along that would be a bonus. The truth is that I’m ridiculously flattered that you take the time to check in, whether it is on a regular basis or sporadically. Reading and writing in the blogosphere has been a very enriching experience and I continue to find it a bit of an obsession. I have new friends and I get to stay in much closer touch with old friends. There are folks I’ve yet to meet but look forward to one day being face to face. Thanks for coming along.
Standard teapots and a couple of minis.
Full frontal
The other side
The back side
I use 2 3/4 lbs of clay for the body of these. 1/2 lb for the spout and the same for the lid. The tiny one is 1/2 lb, fully functioning, of course!
I also made and finished another bird, a mere 2″ high. Too cute! No photo today. Stay tuned…

8 Responses to “Follower Milestone”

  1. Linda Starr

    Isn’t blogging fun, great photos, interesting to see the pots from the various angles, so good to know you here; I hope to get up there one of these days.

  2. Michael Kline

    Great teapots, Dan! Drinking as much tea from teapots as you probably have must ensure your directness and certainty in their making. Being primarily a coffee drinker shows in my teapots.

    I’m so grateful for your blog and treasure the link that it provides us given the miles we would travel to get this birds eye view! In addition, your thoughts and opinions are like gold.

    Keep on!

  3. Kings Creek Pottery

    Ohh, gorgeous teapots…a form I have not mastered. How about a workshop? ~Teapots and Birds~
    TeaBirds??!! BirdPots??? Just thinking out loud…

    Congrats on your following- well deserved 🙂

  4. Hollis Engley

    As always, the teapots look wonderful. And I can still see Ray Finch in them, with you taking what Ray gave you to a slightly different place. Lovely stuff, Daniel.


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