Filling the Kiln – Day by Day

Tea jars
Candlestick bases
Oval creamer 
Putting a few parts together
4 lb. bases to be capped
While it is fun and manly to get out the torch and make 2-part pots in one sitting, being the gentle soul that I think that I am, I throw them one day and finish them the next, letting them air dry to the perfect condition. Same with the candlesticks. They are actually made in 3-parts.
A few finished, ready for the fire

The jug on the right is my homage to medieval pottery via Doug Fitch!

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  1. smartcat

    Like the series effect. They are all tea jars, candlesticks etc.,yet each is a unique piece. Elegant comes to mind.

    Your tea jars lead me to ask myself, why, with the quantities of tea I drink, has it never occurred to me to make anything remotely passing for a tea container.


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